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Hey everyone!

I know that I have been inactive for a year or so. A lot has happened and I have gotten myself even busier than I already was. But I bear good news; I am coming back to this blog. However there will be changes. I’m having more ideas and writing some short stories here and there, they’re M/F though so I wasn’t sure about actually posting them given that this blog is F/F. But I decided to go on with it, I will be writing F/F and M/F on this blog. That and I will try to post more pictures and/or videos or just talk about random kinks? I don’t know. I’m looking for feedback but I thought of letting you all know that this blog is going to expand and I might even venture off to various themes and kinks alongside the actual spankings.
Or maybe not? I will stick to F/F for now but I’m still toying with other ideas that would probably not get posted anyways.

And Happy New Years!


Welcome to my little corner of the bogoshpere, everyone! Though they’re not as good, I hope that you’re at least enjoying some of the stories I posted here. Love Our Lurkers Day is for you guys to drop by and say ‘hi’ I don’t bite, I promise. *vbg*

I’m still around, there is nothing really to say here for I mainly use this blog to write stories. Speaking of which, I’ve not abandoned my story yet. I’m just very busy and have no time to sit and write anything decent. I *do* try to write small bits here and there so my progress is really slow (yes I’m currently writing a new chapter *eg*)
I might have some time during this weekend to write a bigger chunk, but I’m not sure. Well if anyone actually reads this blog I just wanted to say that I’m still around and that a new story will be posted someday (hopefully soon) :3


My summer have been quite busy because of summer classes (the reason why I have not posted a new story yet).

As weeks passed I noticed some changes happening to me because of said summer classes. Before, I would usually stay up until 2-3 A.M and wake up around 12-1 P.M, this is how my summers went. But this time, after a couple of weeks of classes, I noticed that I’d get sleepy at an early hour. Now, if it’s 12:30 A.M I’d either be sleeping or getting ready to sleep, because I’m usually tired by this time. Also, I noticed that I’m waking up earlier in the mornings, even during the weekends I’m waking up an hour later than I usually do for class.

It seems that summer classes has somewhat regulated my sleep pattern. I do sleep earlier and wake up earlier (on my own without any alarm) I’ve been battling with myself for a long time to try and get myself to sleep at reasonable hours, it took one fateful summer to get this issue fixed.

So yeah, this reminded me of Tops, trying to set a decent bedtime etc. seems that my Top during the summer was classes. First with the blasted wooden chairs that I ended up with when I get to class late, and now for fixing my sleep pattern.

Summer classes are Toppy indeed. *bg*

No, this is not a post about me getting spanked and sent to sit on said wooden chair. This post is pretty vanilla (maybe not). Well lately I’ve been so unlucky to be in a class with 2-3 wooden chairs, the others all those padded comfy chairs you see in every classroom. Sometimes I’d come to class a bit late only to find those wooden chairs available; well after sitting on that damn thing for nearly an hour let me tell you that they HURT!

To all bottoms\brats who get sent to sit on wooden chairs after a spanking: I feel (part of) your pain. Those things are no fun.

Next time I should just try to make to class earlier so I can avoid the evil things. :p


Speed Demon

Posted on: May 25, 2012

Comments are much appreciated.


It was Friday afternoon; earlier Erica’s last class got cancelled so she went to her part time job earlier. She was delighted because that way she will be able to finish earlier and go back home to spend the rest of the evening with her girlfriend. It’s not as if she disliked her job, on the contrary, she considered herself one of the few that truly enjoy what they do. However it being the end of the week she longed to be with her girlfriend, Erica always loved the weekend because no work or school (sometimes) got in the way of them spending the whole day together and having fun.

Smiling Erica left her workplace, hopped in her car and drove back to their house. On her way she wondered if Lisa was already there or if she’s working a bit late. She was so deep in thought she did not realize she was being signaled to pull over by a police officer. Not recalling anything that could cause the officer to pull her over the young girl began to worry. The car was in perfect condition, so what could be wrong?

She didn’t have to wait long, the officer was soon at her window asking for her license and car register. It was not her car, it was Lisa’s. However her girlfriend preferred to use her SUV all the time which left the car available for the younger girl to take whenever she needed it.

“What’s wrong officer?” She asked not sure why she was being pulled over without doing anything to warrant it.

“You were speeding, ma’am.” He responded.

“Speeding?” She wasn’t going that fast, maybe she was only slightly above the speed limit.

“But I wasn’t going that fast, right?” She tried to wriggle herself out of getting a speeding ticket while she wasn’t really speeding at all.

“You’re going 90 in a 50 zone.”

Oh crap!

The ticket, her license and the car register were handed back to her and the officer went back to his car and drove off.

For the rest of the drive the girl kept her eyes on the speedometer not wanting to get another ticket. She was not going to let this event ruin her evening; she will take care of it and pay the fine first thing on Monday and Lisa will not have to know. On the contrary, she will be proud that Erica is managing to take care of her own problems.

Lisa smiled as she entered the house. After a long day of work she wanted nothing but to spend a quiet evening cuddling with her girlfriend. Said girlfriend was found lying on the couch watching TV, but once she saw that her girlfriend was home she jumped from the couch and went to greet her.

“Good evening, darling.” Lisa said returning her lover’s hug.

“How was your day?” She asked while taking off her shoes and walking into the hall.

“It was okay, some classes were cancelled and I went to work early and left early.” Erica replied still attached to her girlfriend’s waist. It was obvious that the girl wanted to cuddle and Lisa was not going to deny her that simple need. Actually, she would love to spend the rest of the night with her young lover in her arms. She loved the weekends.

After a light dinner the two women settled on the couch watching a film while enjoying the company of each other.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” Lisa asked while stroking Erica’s hair.

“I don’t know; you have something in mind?” Erica answered.

“Not really.”

“I know! Let’s go to the park for a picnic! And we can invite Karen and Selene as well!” Lisa smiled at the sudden excitement of her young lover.

“Sure, sweetie. Tomorrow is going to be bright and sunny, so it will be great for a picnic in the park.”

“Great! I’ll text Selene and let her know.” Erica grabbed her phone and texted her best friend. Already thinking of all the fun the four them will be having the next day. The rest of the night went quietly and soon it was time to go to bed.

The next morning was bright and warm. Lisa woke up and observed the sleeping young woman next to her. On most days she didn’t have the time to enjoy this, but being on the weekend she had all the time in the world to just lay there and enjoy the company of her still sleeping girlfriend. Not much longer the younger girl was up and ready to start the day.

After a refreshing shower the two lovers went downstairs to begin their day. After breakfast Erica had to run to the store to get some things that they would need.

“Want me to bring anything else?” The younger girl asked while putting on her shoes.

“No, sweetheart. I’ll be doing the laundry while you’re out, anything you need washed?”

“Umm… Yesterday’s clothes only.” With that the young girl was out of the house. After getting what she needed she took the long way back. The weather was sunny and warm and she wanted to enjoy the outdoors as much as she could. Shortly after her phone rang and she picked it up, knowing from the ringtone that it was her lover calling. Before she could open her mouth she heard:

“Erica Lynn, you have exactly 5 minutes to march your butt home.” Came the stern voice of her girlfriend.

Left with no other choice Erica hurried back wondering what could she have done to warrant that tone of her girlfriend. She did not do anything wrong that morning, not even the night before. Oh well, she will find out what it is once she gets back.

“Oh..” Erica muttered once she got inside the house and saw her lover. Or rather, what her lover was holding in her hand.

“Excuse me?”

“Umm.. no! I mean… Where did you find this?” She was sure she hid the ticket well.

“It was in your pocket.” Erica had a bad habit of forgetting papers in her pockets, Lisa had learned to check on her girlfriend’s clothes before putting them in the washing machine. However she was not expecting to see a speeding ticket, her young lover had broken several rules and she will pay for them.

“W-Well… It’s not what you think it is. I was going to pay it on Monday so you don’t have to worry about it.” Erica was trying to end their discussion.

“Not so fast, young lady. I asked you about your day yesterday and you did not mention this to me.” Lisa could not believe that her lover had lied to her.

“I didn’t think it was important to mention, I mean, nothing really happened. Just a small ticket that will be payed as soon as possible.”

“You call 90 in a 50 ‘not important’? You could have been hurt, or even worse!” Lisa did not want to think about the possibility of this happening, she had numerous talks with her girlfriend about respecting speed limits; and one of their talks took place with the young girl sprawled over hep lap promising that she will not speed again.

“Really, there was no one on the road, no cars, no pedestrians, no one at all!”

“Erica, you have lied to me, and endangered yourself! You could have gotten seriously hurt or even worse with no chance of anyone finding you. We had this talk before and I explained to you well why you need to follow speed limits, and yet you managed to get yet another ticket.”

“I told you, I will pay it first thing Monday morning and it will be over with.”

“This is not about paying the ticket, this is about you!” Erica was feeling guilty and wanted to get out of this situation.

“I’m sorry, Lisa. Really I am! I promise not to speed again.” She flashed her adorable smile and made it as to leave the room.

“Not so fast, young lady.” She could not believe that her lover was going to brush this off and act as if nothing has happened.

Realizing that there was no stopping the inevitable Erica had to resort to another tactic to avoid what she knew was going to happen.

“Please Lisa! I didn’t mean for this to happen, really! I’m all fine and you should celebrate this not punish me for it!” Seeing no reaction from her girlfriend she continued. “I won’t speed ever ever again! Yesterday was an accident and I didn’t even know that I was a little over the speed limits. Besides we have to meet with Karen and Selene and we need to prepare for that. I don’t even know what I’m going to wear and…please don’t spank me!” She gave up seeing the unchanged expression on her girlfriend’s face.

Lisa had to suppress her amused chuckle at her girlfriend’s desperate attempt to get out of her punishment. However she was not going to let it slide this time because the young girl has lied and broke a rule which she was punished for before. Maybe it’s about time Lisa used the new implement she bought a couple of weeks ago. So far she has only been using her hand, but this time she will use something else to drive the message home.

“Hush, little girl. Now I want you to go upstairs, open the bottom drawer of the dresser and bring me the hairbrush.” The young girl’s eyes widened in terror, she haven’t seen the thing but she heard a lot about it.


“Yes sweetheart, you better get it now if know what’s good for you.”

Left with no other choice the girl slowly left the room and went to bring the blasted thing.

Lisa watched as her girl lowered her head and did as told. She did not want to spank her, however she is not going to tolerate lying and brushing the whole things as if it didn’t happen. Trust is a crucial part of their relationship and she will not allow her lover to endanger herself like she did. This spanking is to make sure the errant young girl learn her lesson well this time.

After much stalling, Erica brought the big, heavy, wooden hairbrush to where her girlfriend was waiting for her. Lisa was seated on the couch waiting for her, she slowly walked to her and handed her the scary looking implement. Taking the hairbrush, Lisa laid it next to her and payed her full attention to the girl standing before her. Her resolve almost wavered seeing the lowered head and pout, but she reminded herself of what her lover have done.

“Little one, tell me why are you being punished.” This part was important, it is important that the young girl knew the reason for her punishment.

“Because I didn’t tell you about the ticket yesterday.” Came the small, pouty reply.


“For driving fast which you don’t want me to do.”

“And why do I want you not to speed?”

“C-Cause it’s dangerous..”

“Very well, let’s start then.” With that Lisa lowered Erica’s jeans and panties to her knees and pulled her to her lap.


Lisa’s hand connected with upturned bottom on her lap.

“OWW OWWW!” Came the shrill cries of the young girl as the slapping continued on her unprotected bottom. Soon Lisa fell into a rhythm as the previously white bottom on her lap turned a shade of pink. She put more force into her slaps and made sure to give the same attention to the young girl’s sit spots.

“Oww Lisa it hurts! Not so hard!” Erica cried kicking her legs in attempt to get away from the assault on her bottom, but it was not happening; Lisa had a tight grip on the girl keeping her in place. *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* more slaps fell on her waiting bottom despite her cries and flailing. Two more minutes of continuous hard slaps and the young girl’s sobbing the slapping has stopped. However Lisa did not let her girl up as usual, instead she rubbed her lover’s back before she proceeded to use the hairbrush.

“Oh no no no! Please Lisa! I’m already in so much pain I can’t take anymore!” Erica sobbed when she felt the wooden surface on her flesh. Lisa was aware of this, she was also aware that this will be the first time her girlfriend gets spanked with anything but her hand. She will only give her ten mild swats to drive the message home. And hopefully this time the girl will keep from getting another speeding ticket and lying to her.

Wrapping her arm tighter around her girl, Lisa brought the hairbrush down with enough force to sting the already red backside of her lover.

“OWWWEEE!” Erica hollered after the impact. Nine more to go, Lisa braced herself and wondered if she will be able to make it to ten.

Erica was taken aback when the first smack landed on her already sore bottom, and she thought Lisa’s hand was bad enough. She yelled, and kicked and tried to twist out of position but to no avail. More smacks fell and she gave up fighting them. She lay on her girlfriend’s lap and sobbed her pain away.

Lisa stopped after the tenth smack. She dropped the hairbrush and pulled her girl to sit on her lap. Erica wrapped her arms around her older girlfriend’s neck, and cried into her shoulder. Lisa rubbed her love’s back whispering soothing words into her ear. She held her for a long time, finally the young girl calmed down and her cries turned to sniffles. Erica looked up at her dominant girlfriend and pouted. Lisa smiled at her cute girl.

“Feeling better?” She asked.

“No, I’m still hurting. Oww.” Erica pouted.

“Aww my poor baby girl.” Lisa said amusedly and rubbed the young girl’s back.

“I don’t like your car, it always gets me in trouble.” Erica said rubbing her sore bottom.

“Well darling, you can’t blame the car for your actions. Speaking of which, you are not allowed to drive until you learn to respect the speed limits. Understood?”


“Well, sweetheart, let’s go get ready to meet our friends. We don’t want to be late.”

After changing their clothes the two women headed to the car, after grabbing a fluffy cushion for the freshly spanked Erica, and drove to the park to enjoy their day.

It was a bright and sunny Sunday, a perfect day to spend outdoors and to have so much fun. Especially when someone has a gorgouse girlfriend to enjoy this day with. However, things don’t always go as planned, and life can sometimes throw some responsibilities that one should not ignore (well they can be ignored, but said gorgeous girlfriend will not allow it).

Erica sighed looking out of the window longingly. She wanted to go out, but she couldn’t, she hated school and exams and sitting home studying while she can be out having fun.

“Liiiiisaaaa, can I have a break already?” She whined looking up from her book.

“I told you, you’ll get a break after you study for 2 hours.” Lisa answered not looking up from the book she was reading.

“But it’s been 2 hours already!” The younger girl whined.

“I mean 2 continuous hours, if we count the time you spent studying it wouldn’t even be a full hour.”

“B-But! It’s boring! I can’t even concentrate anymore!”

“Erica.” Lisa put down her book and went to where her girlfriend was sitting. She wrapped her arms around her and pulled her to sit on her lap.

“You need to study, darling. I know you don’t like this subject but it can’t be helped, you will get breaks once you start studying seriously. And you know what? The sooner you begin the sooner you will finish, hmm?” Lisa tried, knowing how short her girlfriend’s attention span was.

“Fine, but it’s boring! I can’t even look at the page without having the desire to gauge my eyes out!” Lisa had to suppress herself not to laugh, Erica loved to add a little drama to everything.

“I’m sorry it makes you feel that way, but you have no choice, darling. Now start studying, because before you get your break I’ll quiz you on what you read.”

“What? No way! You can’t do this to me!”

“But why are you objecting? If you read it well you won’t have problems providing the answers, right?” Damn, why did she always make perfect sense.

“Humph, fine. Can I stay like this?” She asked nuzzling Lisa’s neck.

“You can, but you need to study.” Lisa knew where this was going, but she will prevent it because seriously, Erica needs to study.

“Okay…” But Erica was busy kissing her girlfriend’s jaw, slowly making her way down her neck.

“Erica, stop.” Lisa managed to untangle herself, despite her wish to carry on, but then she will regret it because her little girlfriend has to study, and she won’t allow her to get bad grades because she can prevent that from happening.

“Oh no!” Erica gasped. “Why are you denying my love?”

“I’m not denying your love baby girl, you need to study.”

“But I need your love!” Always the dramatic reaction, Lisa suppressed her amused laughter and replied “I’ll give you all the love you need after you finish studying, now open your book.”

“But I keep getting distracted! There is the view outside, there is the TV, and there is YOU! How can I stay focused with all of that?” Erica’s little show wasn’t over it seems, and if left she will carry on until evening, Lisa has to nip it in the bud before things starts to get out of control.

“My poor darling, how can you stay focused indeed. But I have the perfect solution for that.” With that, she pulled up her girlfriend, grabbed the book, and left the living room.

“H-Here?” The younger girl asked in disbelief.

“Yes here, there is nothing to distract you here. Now get inside and study, and when I come to check on you later you better hope that I will see something that I like. You’ve already wasted more than enough time.” Lisa said firmly, in a tone that Erica knew well, too well. So she decided to be a good girl and sit in this tiny storage room and study.

How long has it been? She has no idea. Looking at her book she saw that she has finished 10 pages aw man, I must’ve spent an eternity here! She wanted to leave the small room, really wanted to. There was nothing except for sealed cardboard boxes and her and the book. In her daze she remembered something that she needed to tell to her girlfriend. She opened the door and ran to the living room where Lisa was reading her book.

“I remembered something important!” Erica declared enthusiastically.

“What is it, baby?”

“I can take the make up exam, which is easier by the way, and make sure that I will get a better grade, so there is no need for me to take this exam tomorrow.” Erica was proud of her plan, sure, bribing Lisa with better grades will definitely work, unlike her previous attempts.

“This is the ‘something important’ you wanted to tell?”


“Well, too bad for you sweetie. You are taking tomorrow’s exam and you will get a good grade on it. And you better hope that you won’t end up taking the make-up exam unless you have a wish to take it with a sore bottom.” Lisa could not believe that her girlfriend was actually thinking of failing an exam, while she can simply just study and pass it without much problems.

“I suggest you get back to your studies, sweetie.” Lisa said firmly, in a tone that left no room for further argument. Erica hanged her head low and went back to the tiny room.

Back inside she read some more pages, then lost interest all together. She sighed, there was absolutely nothing to do in this tiny space, only her, the book, and piles of boxes. Should she go out? Lisa sounded pretty pissed earlier, and she didn’t want to tick off her older girlfriend (for the fear of the consequences). As she was thinking and fidgeting something shiny caught her eye, creeping closer to the shiny thing she picked it up.

“There you are!” She exclaimed eyeing the well known device, her handheld gaming console that she lost some time ago. Happy with finally reuniting with her game she delightfully switched it on.

Lisa looked up from her book and looked at the time, it’s been nearly 3 hours since Erica went back to the storage room. Lisa was suspicious, she knows that it is impossible for Erica to be there all this time, she was expecting the young girl to pop up every few minutes but none of that has happened. Was she asleep? Or maybe she was actually studying? Rising to her feet she decided to pay the young girl a visit and see how she’s doing. She reached the storage room and opened the door slowly, in front of her was Erica facing the book, and totally immersed in her game. Lisa could not believe what she was seeing.


Hearing the coughing behind her Erica froze (not before pausing the game) and turned around slowly.

“Look what I just found, Lisa! I just saw it there between the boxes and wanted to check on the time, then I couldn’t remember what game was in and I just wanted to check. See? I haven’t been playing much, and I did study!” Erica said in one breath, hoping that Lisa would drop the subject and let her off this time.

“Come with me, darling. And bring the game and book with you as well.” Realizing that she was indeed in big trouble, Erica didn’t argue and did as told. Lisa took the book and the game and placed them on the coffee table before turning to her wayward girl. She didn’t have spanking her girlfriend in mind, she thought that the young girl would study then they could enjoy the rest of the day together.

She sat on the couch with Erica standing between her legs.

“Do you have anything to say before we start?”

“I… I’m sorry! Really I am! I will go study now, no interruptions whatsoever!” Erica tried, knowing well that once she was standing there there was no way out.

“Too late for that now, baby. You’ve already wasted so much time trying to find excuses not to study.” With that she yanked Erica’s PJ bottoms down and pulled the girl on her waiting lap.

The first slap took her by surprise, before she could get used to the stinging on her cheek, another slap landed on the other cheek. This time Erica couldn’t take it silently, she grunted her teeth and waited for the next slap, which landed on top of the first one.

“Ouch Lisa not so hard!” Erica yelped trying to reach back her hands in an attempt to protect her exposed cheeks. But before she could accomplish her task Lisa took hold of the younger girl’s wrists and pinned them at her back, never pausing in her vigorous spanking on the unprotected bottom across her lap.

“You’ve been asking for this all day, I warned you, gave you many chances to study, and yet you refused to sit and study.” Lisa scolded the struggling girl on her lap.

“OWWW I’m sorry! OUCH! I will go study now, I promise!” The young girl did not hide her distress as she responded.

“Too late for that now *smack* were you not going to take the make up exam?” *smack* *smack*

“AWWW n-not anymore! No make up exams! I will study!” Erica sobbed, realizing that she was not going to be let up easily.

“Education is important *smack* I will never let you slip up in your studies *smack* *smack* and you need to be more serious about them *smack* understood?”

“OWWW y-yes! Please no more..”

Her plea fell on deaf ears, for Lisa didn’t stop nor did she slow down. Hard, burning slaps kept on raining on the young girl’s now red bottom. Realizing this, Erica stopped struggling and lay limp on her older girlfriend’s lap, all she could do was making her pain heard. After what seemed like a lifetime the slapping has finally stopped and Erica was pulled up to sit on Lisa’s lap.

Lisa wrapped her arms around her sobbing girlfriend and rubbed her back soothingly. Not saying a word, just holding and comforting until her young girlfriend regained her composure.

“I-I’m sorry…” Erica said when her sobs turned to sniffles.

“It’s okay baby, it’s all over now.” Lisa reassured kissing her girlfriend’s damp face. Erica rested her head on Lisa’s shoulder, relaxing in her girlfriend’s warm embrace. After some time spent on cuddling it was time to hit the books again. But this time Erica did not complain nor protest, she lied on her stomach on the couch with the book in front of her, and start studying seriously this time.

From her spot Lisa smiled as she glanced at the girl she loved so much, her hair tips barely touching the opened page, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, she was indeed studying seriously. Only if she can get serious about it without having to have a sore bottom, but then she won’t be Erica. Her stubbornness and feistiness were part of her charm, and Lisa will not have it in any other way. When needed, she won’t hesitate to take her young lover in hand to help her focus and to behave. They were a good team, and Lisa will not trade this for the world.

Later that evening Lisa was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, she was half way done when she felt two slender arms wrapping around her waist.

“You done studying, sweetie?”

“Yeah.” Came the muffled reply. There was still some time before the food  finished cooking, she turned around and scooped the smaller girl in her arms and went back to the living room. Sitting on the couch she couldn’t help smiling when Erica winced once her still bare red and sore bottom touched Lisa’s strong thighs.

After a quick revision and some more cuddling, the two lovers went back to the kitchen, but not before grabbing a fluffy cushion for Erica to sit on. Lisa wondered out loud if maybe the younger girl would need to use the cushion during the exam.

“And whose fault that is?” Erica retorted.

“Indeed, it was totally avoidable until a certain bratty young girl decided that she needed some ‘motivation’ to start studying.”

“Y-You’re mean!” Erica blushed.

“Oh my, look at that red face!” Lisa remarked with a satisfied smile. Things were back to normal, aside from a sore bottom, and Erica was laughing and enjoying herself. Lisa could not ask for more.